George Bollendorf

Council President

Picture of George Bollendorf

George is a proven leader and dedicated public servant who is proudly serving his first term as Council President in Hatboro. George recently retired as a Captain, after 29 years of service to his community as a law enforcement officer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and is a graduate of several highly acclaimed leadership academies, Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command and West Point Command and Leadership.

During his first term, he guided the council to revitalize the Borough and start new projects to improve the quality of life in the community. With a focus on financial stability, accountability, and improving our parks and open space, Hatboro was recently voted one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania. As council president, George assigns committees, sets the agenda for the meetings, and represents the borough at many meetings and events at the county and state level.

For the past three years, Hatboro has been able to come out of the financial issues that were inherited by taking a common-sense approach to taxes and finances. Efficiency and accountability are the two main reasons why the Borough is in the good financial standing that it currently enjoys. Because of this and being forward-thinking, Hatboro is one of the few communities that did not raise taxes as a result of lost revenue from COVID-19. In fact, Hatboro Council has voted not to raise taxes the last two years, while being able to increase services and infrastructure.

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