Elizabeth “Elle” Anzinger | Borough Council


Originally from Chicago, Elle has resided in Hatboro for six years. She was immediately drawn to its small-town feel, its friendly people, and the depth of its history.

Elle is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Applied Geosciences concentrating in Geologic Engineering from University of Pennsylvania. Prior to her graduate studies, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Geology and Political Science from Oberlin College. In addition, she has been working as an environmental consultant for the past seven years and specializes in sediment remediation.

In her spare time, Elle enjoys tennis and the cello, both life-long passions, and is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Orchestra. She has also been volunteering with the elderly and with hospice services for the past two years.

Reminded of her hometown outside Chicago, Elle feels that Hatboro provides a safe space in a life that can be filled with uncertainties. She is running for Borough Council in an effort to give back to the place she so admires.