Dave Stockton

Council Vice-President

Picture of Dave Stockton

Dave Stockton is a dedicated, organized, and level-headed public servant proudly serving his first term as Hatboro’s Council Vice President. He is the Chair of the Finance & Grants Committee and a member of both the Administration Committee and the Community Outreach and Events Committee. During his time in office, he has worked tirelessly on behalf of Hatboro’s diverse group of residents and businesses.

In addition to his traditional responsibilities, Vice President Stockton was also the Co-Chair of the Hatboro Steering Committee, a mix of borough officials, residents, and business owners working in conjunction with the Montgomery County Planning Commission to create and adopt the Hatboro 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Under Mr. Stockton’s direction and equipped with a clear vision of Hatboro’s bright future, the Finance & Grants Committee has pursued numerous grants for the borough and has been awarded over $4M in funding to offset the financial burden on Hatboro taxpayers. For a more detailed list of Vice President Stockton’s accomplishments while in office, please click here.

A lifelong musician, Dave graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with degrees in both Music Education and Music Performance. He is currently the Director of Percussion for the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County and the General Sales Manager for Steve Weiss Music in Willow Grove, one of the nation’s leading online music retailers. He is an avid reader and a slightly less avid runner and cyclist.

Despite the setbacks presented by COVID-19 and its terrible impact on our community, Dave is committed to continuing to fight for our beautiful borough and to ensure the highest possible outcomes for our wonderful residents and vibrant businesses. He is looking forward to earning your vote and continuing his hard work for Hatboro.